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Homestay: When to give the gift? 2012/8/19 20:17
I'm going to japan for a little over a year to study and I'll be staying with a family the entire time. I'm flying in and spending the first night at the university and then the next day I'm meeting the family and going home with them at the end of orientation. So I'm wondering when it'd be the most appropriate to give them the gift I got for them. Would it be better suited for when I first meet them, or when I actually get to the house with them?

Also, I've got a bottle of local wine (I'm in the Midwest, so I got a bottle from a local winery that uses Norton grapes, which grow primarily in the midwest. Is that sufficient, or should I have more to give them since I'm going to be spending a year there? What do you think would be good? I don't know anything about them, or even how many family members there are or anything.

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Re: Homestay: When to give the gift? 2012/8/20 10:11
As it is a "token" of appreciation, I think that your choice of local wine is good. There is no small gift that's enough to say thank you for the whole year, right? :) You "could" get some local sweets or something if you find something additionally.
You can give the gift to the family when you get to their house - otherwise you would end up making them carry the bottle for the way :)
Enjoy your stay in Japan!
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Re: Homestay: When to give the gift? 2012/8/20 15:04
Ah, thanks so much! I never would have thought of the whole 'then they'd have to carry it back' thing.
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Re: Homestay: When to give the gift? 2012/8/20 18:37
If the family have kids , Ud better 2 give something to kids as soon as U meet them.

For the other case, wait until U can face them with ya legs folding.

Basically try to find something you can hold horizontally. and lay them down over the TATAMI and push it to the oldman or Dad of the family as naturally you can bow like the shape of "orz" .
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