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Ask that food be served with no bacon 2012/8/20 12:49
Hello everyone!

Well the question says it all, when at a restaurant, like First Kitchen, can I ask that the burger be served with no bacon strips. I don't eat pork meat. And, by the way, do the burger pattes there (meat) contain pork meat, because it turns out the MOS burger does :(

Thanks a lot! :D
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Re: Ask that food be served with no bacon 2012/8/20 17:13
You can ask for something without bacon by saying ''beekon nashi'', or ''beekon nuki''. I don't know if most burgers are pork-free though. First Kitchen don't mention the ingredients of their burgers on their website, so all I could suggest is telling them that you can't eat pork so they can hopefully recommend something pork-free.
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Re: Ask that food be served with no bacon 2012/8/20 18:41
First Kitchen has got some ingredient listed on their "country of origin" list, and the typical menu items they USE pork in are: Bacon Egg Burger, Special ("Tokusen") Bacon Egg Burger, Basil Sausage Sandwich, and Hot Dogs.
(In Japanese)

But this list does not seem to be exhaustive (they just list them as "typical" menu items), so it sounds like it's better to stick only to the chicken or shrimp menu items if you want to avoid pork altogether.

On MOS Burger site, there is a way to find what menu item(s) doesn't or does include certain ingredients (consideration for people with allergies), and if I tick "pork" and select "among the burgers," the only burger that does NOT contain pork is Teriyaki Chicken Burger.

For McDonald's, checking a similar allergen/ingredient list, their sandwiches that do NOT contain pork (or do NOT come in contact with pork in the process at all) are:
Hold Gold Masala, Mild Gold Masala (seasonal), Juicy Chicken File-o, Chicken Crisp, Ebi (shrimp) File-o, Chicken Crisp Muffin, Tuna Muffin, Hot Cake, and File-o-fish.


"Pork" is ؓ and listed on the 6th column from the right on McDonald's chart.
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Re: Ask that food be served with no bacon 2012/8/20 18:44
Whoops, I meant to write "Hot Gold Masala," and "pan cakes" (instead of hot cakes)!
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Re: Ask that food be served with no bacon 2012/8/21 17:24
If you want to make sure you're not eating pork, I would check out the restaurant websites yourself, rather than rely on trying to communicate with the minimum-wage staff about the ingredients used in their burgers, which they probably don't know anyway.

Also, maybe try eating things other than fast-food burgers. Ramen might be off-limits, but there are lots of other good things to eat in Japan.
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Re: Ask that food be served with no bacon 2012/8/25 02:15
if you are strict about halal then you need to be VERY careful about where you eat.

japanese people basically don't understand certain food requests the way most foreign people do.

if you say "no pork, please" they'll still happily serve you a bowl of ramen made with a soup that includes pork broth.

same as a vegetarian might say "no meat please" and will be served with a dish that includes fish.

this stuff has happened to me personally many times while guiding friends and guests around tokyo who had special dietary needs, and i am fluent in japanese.

i agree with the above people, check on the websites, and if you want to be absolutely safe avoid any kind of food that could even possibly pork-flavored as pork flavoring is used in almost everything here.
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