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Kaiten-sushi in Osaka - location 2012/8/22 23:02
hi guys,

i'm staying in near nagahoribashi station, about 2 blocks away (me thinks) from shinsaibashi station.

would like to know
1)where is the exact location for Yoshino sushi and also Kura sushi
2) is the above 2 restaurants the best Oshi-sushi and Kaitensushi in Osaka
3) if not, any other recommended place ?

i'm in osaka on a budget, that's why couldn't afford more expensive places. however will splurge on endo sushi though !

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Re: Kaiten-sushi in Osaka - location 2012/8/24 16:52
Is Japan pleasant? It is hot.
I answer about a question.

1) Yoshino sushi
It rides on Midousuji-Line from Shinsaibashi-Station, and gets off by next Honmachi-Station.
It goes up on the ground at the exit of No. 3 ‚Ì, and goes to the right.
It turns at the 4th alley on the right, and turns at blindness in one eye on the left.
The right-hand side advanced 20 m is the Yoshino sushi.
The first floor is a store and the second floor is a restaurant.
A public holiday is a rest on Saturday and Sunday.
The place away from the station has much ‚­ sushi, and there is.

The home of sushi is Edo. It becomes present Tokyo.
The sushi of Osaka has much quantity of boiled rice.

The rotation sushi here is popular.

Kaiten-Sushi Sakae
Osakashi Kitaku Doujima-machi 3-12

It rides on Midousuji-Line from Shinsaibashi-Station, and gets off by Higashi-Umeda-Station of three next door.
It goes in an underground passage to the "Sonesaki-Higashi" crossing.
Please ask a station employee the way.
It is better to hear the place of "KKR Hotel Umeda."
The store is in the reverse side of "KKR Hotel Umeda."
Did it do?
A good trip.
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Re: Kaiten-sushi in Osaka - location 2012/8/24 17:29
Yoshino Sushi is not a kaiten type of place. It's very upscale and traditional, and you probably feel out of place if you go with jeans and shirts. Sushi is the one of the best but it'll cost you at least 8,000~10,000yen.

Kura is not recommended. Kids are running around all over and everything just looks cheap. I feel like Ifm in the Pachinko place with all those noises ordering machines create. You come all the way to Japan and don't throw money into something not worth your experience.

On the other hand, I do prefer Daiki Suisan. The seafood distributor is operating these kaiten-zushi restaurants and it definitely feels very flesh. You can find it at Namba City or Whity Umeda. The price differs from 105 to 500+yen depending on the color of the dish.

If you want to experience Oshi-Zushi, I recommend you to go Osaka Municipal Wholesale Market on the west of Nakanoshima. There is a place called Sushi Tsune, believed to be the original creator of Oshi Zushi. They called it Bo-Zushi and you can have lunch set below 1,000yen. Bo-zushi are around 1,000 as well.

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Re: Kaiten-sushi in Osaka - location 2012/8/24 20:03
Thanks! Will be sure to check out those listed above!

I'll be there next Wednesday and based off the forecast, it's gonna be hot and humid!
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