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New Years Eve in Osaka 2012/8/24 11:21
Ok so does anyone have any idea what to do and where to go on Dec 31 night around Osaka?

I'll be by myself and clubbing ain't my thing anymore. I don't mind bars though.

Probably the worse time to be alone eh, on NYE when everyone else is partying with friends or at home eating osechi and toshikoshi soba and watching the annual Gaki no Tsukai series lol

Any suggestions? Friendly places would be good, not much into places that make u feel alienated, if that's the case I'd rather spend it in my hotel room lol same thing...

Umeda and Shinsaibashi area would be good, because I leave the next day (8PM FLIGHT) back to Australia and my hotel is in Umeda.

Thanks all

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Re: New Years Eve in Osaka 2012/8/24 21:29
As you might know, the urban trains are operated all night on Dec. 31. People go to shrines and temples. You can even visit Ise Grand shrine from Osaka in the middle of midnight.(3AM).
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Re: New Years Eve in Osaka 2012/8/25 18:52
what is the middle of midnight? 0_o i'm kinda confused by your english here sorry.

Not really the type to go out by myself at night to a shrine or temple. Daytime is OK, that I can do lol
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Re: New Years Eve in Osaka 2012/8/25 19:04
I'd check out what's on the menu of the local Irish pubs. Some of my best enjoyed New Year's Eves abroad ...
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Re: New Years Eve in Osaka 2012/8/28 16:45
There is a countdown live (concert) if you're into music (radiocrazy). It will be Japanese bands, but there is some awesome music here. Or try rock rock bar in shinsaibashi...always a great night there.
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