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hand and face soap brand 2012/8/29 01:48
i was staying in hotel villa fontaine nihonbashi-hakozaki and they provide a face and hand soap there. i was trying the product and i really love the product and want to buy it, but i forget the brand of that product.
i really want to ask the hotel by email but there's no email address provided to the hotel. have anybody stayed there and by any chance know the product brand?
by dian (guest)  

Re: hand and face soap brand 2012/8/30 06:53
They have an online contacts page:


If you use the ''Hotel Location'' drop-down menu you can choose ''head office'' (last one) and ask them. It is more likely they will have people at head office that will have information on the supplier and also someone that will understand a request in English.

It may me that it is an exclusive product sold only to hotels. I wanted once to get a pillow like those used by Toyoko Inn, I tracked down the supplier and they said they only made the pillows for hotels, but I eventually got them to sell me a sample product. Good luck.
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Re: hand and face soap brand 2012/9/1 00:33
dear robBeer, thank you for your info. i already ask them, all i need to do now is to wait for their reply. thaks! :D
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