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Japan humidifier 2012/8/29 19:53
Dear all,

I went to tokyo early this year and bought a humidifier without noticing the voltage difference.

I live in Singapore and it's 220v here. Whereas this humidifier is 100v 70w. And yes i'm afraid it will be damage so i have not use it at all!! What a waste!!

Can somebody tell me what i should be getting inorder to use this humidifier? I've tried buying a transformer for 110v in Singapore but it didnt work. Could it be i need to get a 100v transformer from japan? Somebody advise please :(
by Jacqueline kwa (guest)  

Re: Japan humidifier 2012/8/30 13:21
Singapore & humidifier?? De-humidifier is what may be needed? Also 70w is so small. How does it generate mist/steam?
Anyway what kind of transformer did you try?
A heavy coiled transformer, not a tiny traveler's size, is needed. Also, does it have a fan, which I doubt but? Where did you buy? Tokyo & north is 50Hertz and Nagoya & west is 60 hertz. What is in Singapore? It might run faster or slower depending on where you bought in Japan.
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Re: Japan humidifier 2012/9/2 00:47
Yes the humidifier is 70W. I bought a travel transformer that was meant for 110v 80w. It only worked for 10mins and the transformer will get overheated and cuts off.

I travel very often and i was thinking if i should go back to japan and buy a transformer from there. They should have some inventions that's meant for their product?

I bought it from shinjuku, tokyo
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Re: Japan humidifier 2012/9/3 12:46
Sounds like your step down transformer was underrated for the job. You could try one with a higher wattage rating, but with the added cost, you may be better off just buying a new humidifier instead. FYI, the transformers will essentially be the same in Japan and Singapore so it shouldn't matter where you buy it.
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