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stores selling foreign voltage electronics? 2012/8/30 12:17
I'll be going to akihabara and I'm planning to buy a Tiger or Zojirushi rice cooker (can't get them in Australia.. My family eats rice everyday so I want to invest in a quality rice cooker).
I know some shops sell electronics with 220v-240v, but there are too many electronic shops there. Can someone recommend stores which sell 220-240v electronics and DOES NOT rip off foreigners- want the cheaper stores. (I checked out some duty free websites and the prices vary.. I think the big stores charge a lot more)
by Sierra (guest)  

Re: stores selling foreign voltage electronics? 2012/8/31 07:22
Some stores at Akihabara sell 220-240V AC rice cookers, but not all that many, so you tend to be stuck with what you can find..... and that usually means paying a premium price.

I'd start off in LAOX, and have a look in Yodobashi.

But even the highest quality 100V Japanese rice cookers are expensive, because they're so good.
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Re: stores selling foreign voltage electronics? 2012/8/31 09:54
If you want more choice, you could buy a Japanese 100V one and a step-down transformer. Depending on the power of the cooker, this might also save you money as the transformer could well be less than than the premium of buying a foreign version. You can find cheaper transformers and adapters in some of the smaller akiba shops.
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Re: stores selling foreign voltage electronics? 2012/8/31 14:02
The 100v ones are so much cheaper but I'll stick to finding a 240v one because I used to have a cheap step down converter and it burnt and smoked. The better ones are expensive, and considering the watts of a rice cooker is high, the converter will cost even more. Also they are quite heavy.

I've browsed several japanese sites and it seems that the kajitsu duty free shop is the cheapest. Models are limited though. I'll go browse akky and Laox first. I heard that small shops sell them too, and at less of a premium. But I have no idea which stores/where they're located.
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