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Have a job interview with new company 2012/9/1 21:31
Well, I have a job interview with a new company next week. We are going to meet in a cafe for the interview. I was just wondering if there is anything I should be careful about since it is a new company and all. I have never had a part-time job in Japan so I just want to be careful. Thanks
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Re: Have a job interview with new company 2012/9/3 08:11
Well, the main rules for every interview

Don't be late, ever.
Don't be too early.
Dress appropriately.
Don't come hung over (it happens more than you imagine).
Don't pick your nose or play with your hair.
Don't wander mentally.
Don't fall asleep.
Turn off your phone.
Don't say negative things about any job, place, person, or experience.
Be prepared to take notes (while listening) and be able to ask questions when prompted.

(The following might be more specific to Japan)
Don't drink from your drink before the interviewer does.
Sit with good posture near the edge of your chair.
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