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Imo Shochu factory tour in Nagasaki area 2012/9/4 00:41
We are interested in visiting an Imo Shochu Factory in Nov. and found this site in Nagasaki. We are planning to stay at Toyoko Inn Sasebo near JR Sasebo Station and would appreciate help in how to get to the site by JR train or bus.

Nagasaki Oshima Jozo Co., Ltd.
830 Oshimacho, Saikai, Nagasaki, 857-2401
25 minutes drive from Saikaibashi-bridge
25 minutes by boat and 5 minutes by car from Sasebo Port

Anyone familiar with other imo shochu factory tour open to public in the Kyushu area.

Thank you.
by Kuma (guest)  

Re: Imo Shochu factory tour in Nagasaki area 2012/9/4 12:50
There is also Umegae Shuzo which is 5-6 min. by taxi from JR Huis Ten Bosch station. This place may be easier to access.
Kagoshima is well known for imo jyochu (made by Satsuma(old Kagoshima area name) sweet potato) and there are many to take a tour.
For eaxample, Honbo site is
About 30 min. by taxi from JR Kagoshima Chuo
or 10 min. from JR Taniyama station or Taniyama City Tram station terminus.
by amazinga (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Imo Shochu factory tour in Nagasaki area 2012/9/5 03:40
Thank you, Amazinga.

Couple questions:

1. Is Umegae Shozo a sake or shochu factory?

2. Can you advise whether there is an English website for Hombo factory. We were not planning to visit Kagoshima but may reconsider if it is the only place for imo shochu factory tour.

3. Any advice on how to reach Nagasaki Oshima Jozo from Sasebo Station.

4. Is the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force Museum in Sasebo worth visiting?

Thank you.
by Kuma (guest) rate this post as useful

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