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Buy online, pay at the konbini? 2012/9/4 03:46
I was looking at this website trying to buy some movie merchandise online: www.gendaigoods.com

I went all the way to the checkout page and noticed a certain payment method I never saw before.

(To see what I mean, click on a random item, click the blue button called 'カーとに入れる' and then '購入手続きへ進む'. You won't have bought anything at that stage yet, don't worry.)

Under payment method, it says something about 'コンビニ決済(払込票)', konbini payment, and then a list of all the konbini brands that accept that kind of payment.

I am tempted to use this method, if only I knew how it worked. What it the next step, after choosing this method? Do I just go to a konbini and pay in cash? What do I have to bring with me?
by Losty (guest)  

Re: Buy online, pay at the konbini? 2012/9/4 14:23

The procedure is explained on the site you mentioned...
They will send you the payment slip 2 to 5 days after the order is placed. Fill it in, take it to your nearest convenience store, and slap it down on the counter together with the amount you need to pay. Your order will be shipped once payment has been confirmed. If you don't pay within the limit specified, your order will be cancelled, and future orders using payment via convenience stores may be refused.
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