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Famous Japanese reality TV shows 2012/9/6 12:49

Can anyone let me know some of the famous reality TV shows in Japan?

I would like to know the latest if not previous would also be good.

It would be best if it is actually participated by real people and not actors or actresses.

Thanks alot.
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Re: Famous Japanese reality TV shows 2012/9/6 17:27

Reality shows? In Japan? Other than the usual "24 hours with the police/coastguard/hospital" type programmes, reality TV is basically non-existent here. There was a series that lasted for two or three short seasons maybe 10 years ago with groups of contestants left to survive on uninhabited islands for a week, but I can't think of anything since then. No "Big Brother" or talent shows here, and quiz show contestants are always celebrities.
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Re: Famous Japanese reality TV shows 2012/9/6 18:12
There is the cooking contest "レシピno Joou" (レシピの女王), which airs on the popular mid-day variety show Hirunandesu.

But this is a segment and not its own show.

Obviously, there used to be Iron Chef (料理の鉄人), which sparked the international reality TV boom, and also Sasuke, or "Ninja Warrior" as it is known around the world.

However, aside from these and a few irregularly held contests (usually contesting athleticism or cuisine), Japan has not adopted the reality TV format in the broad way that America or Europe have.
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