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translation of menu 2012/9/6 21:20
Within a few days I'm going to visit Tokyo and I would really love to eat at the following restaurant.


the problem is that there's no english menu, and I can't use google translate. Would someone please be so kind to be able to tell the specific things that I can eat at this restaurant?

thank you!
by Daryl Dawn (guest)  

Re: translation of menu 2012/9/7 15:01
This place seems to be for real "soba" (buckwheat noodle) connoisseurs.

The first square photo says "seasonal soba," and as examples, they list soba with topping of: (for spring) bamboo shoots or whitemeat fish, summer vegetables for summer, mushrooms for autumn, and duck meat and root vegetables for winter.

The second square photo says "cold soba," like the one that is in the photo - you dip it into the accompanying dip sauce/soup to eat. Simple cold soba is 840 yen, soba with burdock tempura is 1,155 yen, soba with ground radish is 1,260, soba with eel tempura is 1,890 yen, etc. They seem to have soba using buckwheat from different origins.

The third photo is for warm soba, again with different toppings.

Left bottom photo is for tempura (side dishes), of different vegetables or fish.

Center bottom photo is for other side dishes to go with Japanese sake.

Right bottom photo is for sake from different parts of Japan.

Unless you have some food/ingredients you simply cannot have, one thing you could do is to simply try the seasonal one, or ask for what they recommend for the day :)
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Re: translation of menu 2012/9/7 15:59
Thank you so much for answering my question!

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Re: translation of menu 2012/9/7 22:36
Narutomi serves 100% buckwheat noodles, which are unusual - usually gourmet soba shops use 80-90% buckwheat. (With 100% buckwheat it's harder to make the noodles.)

The shop is known for their tempura, in particular their anago (eel) tempura, so you might give that a try (along with your soba). I've had their tempura and it's very good - not at all greasy. They also have a decent sake selection.
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Re: translation of menu 2012/9/11 11:02
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Re: translation of menu 2012/9/26 04:37

I recently returned from my trip to Japan and of course I went to this restaurant. Thank you for being so helpful! without the translation I wouldn't have dared to go to the restaurant and that would have been a shame. the tempura and the soba noodles were simply delicious!

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Re: translation of menu 2012/10/5 22:18
Narutomi is one of my favorite soba shops in Tokyo. Be sure to get the tempura gobo!
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