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Kansai Brunch 2012/9/7 19:56
Hi, not looking for expensive hotel brunches. Preferably in Kobe, but anywhere in Kansai`s fine...Omelettes, French Toast, Pancakes, god coffee etc...And I noticed most places open at 11am only: Hoping for a place that`s open before 11am...Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Kansai Brunch 2012/9/8 15:20
If you don't want to try any hotel breakfast/all-day cafe, I guess your choices come down to "family restaurants." Roya Host chain has several branches in Kobe - I see one each near Sumiyoshi, Settsu-motoyama (I'm going by the JR station name) - those two open at 7 am, and Sannomiya, though the one in Sannomiya opens at 10 and serve breakfast menu only on the weekends. Let me know if you want me to find out more locations.

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Re: Kansai Brunch 2012/9/8 16:15
Planet 3rd in Shinsaibashi used to serve "American breakfast", but I don't know if they still do.
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Re: Kansai Brunch 2012/9/8 16:23
Also you can get omelets, pastries and coffee, at least, at Aux Bacchanales in Kyoto.
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Re: Kansai Brunch 2012/9/8 21:35

Omelettes, French Toast, Pancakes

These might be very ordinary items for cheap restaurants, but this is Japan where they are thought to be somewhat "fashionable" items so that they are found mainly in fashionable restaurants such as hotel restaurants and as a result they are not that inexpensive.

Just broaden your request to "western style breakfast", I will show you several ones in Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto.


Cafe Freundlieb


Nishimura Coffee shop



Kissa Y


One of the most famous Kissa-ten (but not a coffee shop) in Japan for big eaters. If you like egg, please try their "egg sandwich" which uses 20 eggs (I did not experienced).


Inoda Coffee shop

Kyoto's oldest coffee shops serving nice breakfast (京の朝食:Breakfast of Kyoto).



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Re: Kansai Brunch 2012/9/11 18:09
Thank you all! I went to Planet 3rd on Sunday and saw their `American Breakfast` menu. Not quite what I was hoping for, but we stopped for afternoon french toast and coffee and the vibe was cool, so I`d recommend it as an afternoon hangout or light lunch place^^ As I try the other places recommended above, I`ll update with a post...Cheers^^
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Re: Kansai Brunch 2012/9/17 21:02
I went to Aux Bacchanales and they definitely aren`t a breakfast/brunch place. However we ate lunch there and it was really good (atmosphere and food). The winner so far has been Royal Host. The one near me (near Kenchomae stn.) opened at 9am and we had their breakfast menu. The pancakes were so-so, but the french-toast was great! For a nominal fee, we got the drink bar (unlimited coffee & juices) and the veggie omelette was good too. Taste and price were excellent...Highly recommended! I have previously gone to Central Cafe and they have a really brunch too. http://cafe-restaurant-central.com/central.html Thanks to all once more^^
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Re: Kansai Brunch 2012/9/18 00:05
Thanks for following up with your reports!
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