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Sparkling/gasified water 2012/9/13 12:24
I find it hard to find in small cities in Japan: Sparkling Water. Like SanPeligrino or Perrier. And all japanese stuff I have found are flavored. I want Plain old fashioned Sparkling Water like Schweppes makes for example in 2l bottles.

Any stores in Shizuoka?
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Re: Sparkling/gasified water 2012/9/13 20:48
If you're simply looking for gasified water that is not flavored, so far, every store I've been to sells some kind of brand for something like 88 yen per 500ml PET bottle.

But watch out, because for some brands, flavored and non-flavored look very much alike. Ask for "tan-san-sui" and say "aji no nai mono (no flavor)."

I found a photo of some examples.
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