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Evil eye stone 2012/9/15 10:31
Where can i buy the blue "Evil Eye Stone "
made from glass in Tokyo?
how much will it cost me for a medium sized, glass, blue,evil eye stone?
Are there any tips to find out if i am getting a genuine one.

I will be really obliged if someone will answer my query.

Many thanks in advance!
by carmine (guest)  

Re: Evil eye stone 2012/9/15 12:15
I know that this shop specializes in jewelry and rugs from Turkey and neighboring countries:

They have a "physical" store near Ebisu station.

You mean those, right?:

I don't know what you mean by "genuine" - how you use the stone determines its value to you, in a way :)
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Re: Evil eye stone 2012/9/16 11:01
AK,thank you very much for the information and for your prompt response.i dont know much about buying stones, but have heard that there are fake ones and genuine ones.So, that's what i meant when i asked how to know if it is genuine or not.
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Re: Evil eye stone 2012/9/16 15:02
Ummm. To me, this kind of stone/ornament for you protection is good if you believe in it... since it is not a natural stone (never pretends to be one), the only thing I would look for, if I were to buy one, is that I feel good holding it/wearing it. I have not heard of any "genuine" or "fake" ones.

From the same shop, I admit this one looks more real and impressive:

Both of them (this one and the pendant in the link earlier) are made in Turkey, they say.
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Re: Evil eye stone 2012/9/16 15:37
thnxs for the useful buying tips.i will keep that in mind when i decide to buy the stone.have you or anyone you know tried the stone and didnt get the desired result?is there any sure shot way (besides stones,mantra etc..) to protect oneself from receiving negative energy.
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