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Any foreigner-friendly dance clubs in Japan? 2012/9/16 21:29
I've read on the net that most dance clubs in Japan like to keep their clubs exclusive, and deny foreigners from entering.

But I figured they can't all be like that, so I was wondering... What are the names of some foreigner-friendly dance clubs, and where are they in Japan? Any in Tokyo?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Any foreigner-friendly dance clubs in Japan? 2012/9/18 17:49
You have read wrong.
A very small percentage might do that.
You should complain to the management if you ever get refused entry based on your race.
(and if that does not work complain to the police...not that they will do anything but it is worth making a noise, hopefully when the noise gets loud enough then Japan will finally get an effective anti-discrimination law)
Go to anywhere in roppongi for a clubs aimed specifically at foreigners. However there are far nicer places to go. You can explore anywhere you want in Tokyo...many people are friendly towards foreigners. Perhaps a little too much haha. Some make assumptions about you before you even said anything and want to check with you a list of all their preconceived stereotypes about your nation or can be a little irritating when repeating the same conversations for years, but it is probably just amusing for tourists.
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Re: Any foreigner-friendly dance clubs in Japan? 2012/9/18 19:08
Here's a list of some of the better dance clubs in Tokyo; none of them have a problem with foreigners as far as I know. Bring ID though.

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Re: Any foreigner-friendly dance clubs in Japan? 2012/9/18 19:19
by the way many bars and clubs are now putting up "no dancing" signs and will ask you not to dance despite the presence of a dj and thumping dance music. Check this before you pay an entrance fee!
It is to do with some strange old Japanese law that is now being enforced more strictly, especially in the last year. It sounds like the plot of footloose but these "no dancing" signs are real and going up all over the city. Many places are closing down because of it. It is bad news for the economy...blame the crazy old men that supposedly run this country but are effectively killing it.
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