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Recieving a package in Japan 2012/9/21 08:34
Hello! My friend in the US wants to send me something. The problem is, I lack a permanent address here in Japan ATM. (I'm volunteering in different places.) which means sending it to a house or whatever is a bit difficult.

Anyways, my question is this: I know I will be in Kansai region so is it possible to maybe send the package to Osaka or something, to one of the post offices there and when it arrives I just make a short trip from whereever I'm at and simply pick it up? Any other options? The only problem here might be that how would I know when the package arrives.

Any help appreciated, I'm new to this.

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Re: Recieving a package in Japan 2012/9/21 15:32
The post offices wouldn't hold a package for you when a package is sent to their address and the addressee is not at the location.

It doesn't have to be a permanent address, but you have to have some kind of address so that they know where to deliver your package. Maybe you could use your friend's or volunteering organization's? Then you can C/O it.
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Re: Recieving a package in Japan 2012/9/21 16:40
There is a service for receiving mail/parcel at a specified post office, and it is called gkyoku dome,h literally gstopped/held at the post office.h

You need to inform the sender of the post officefs name and its postal code, and tell them to write
To Ms. Jane Smith
gKyoku domeh c/o Such and such post office,
(postal code) Japan

You need to show up at that post office in person with an ID to pick up the mail/parcel.

The tricky part is that they hold it for 10 days only, after which it will be returned to the sender. No notice will be given to you that there is a parcel waiting for you at the post office.
If you think you can manage it, it might be OK – if you have any post office in Osaka in mind near where youfll be, go there, ask if they do gkyoku dome,h and get that post office accurate name and postal code.

It would be easier, as suggested by the earlier poster, if you can use a friend/acquaintancefs address, though.
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Re: Recieving a package in Japan 2012/9/21 18:32
Thanks for the help guys. Yeah, seems like it has to be one of the two. The only problem is that it's usually quite uncertain how long I can stay at one of the volunteering locations, and it's not even certain they want to take that "responsibility". (I usually stay in one place for a week or so.)

But any rate, I'll figure something out. At least shipments these days have tracking so as long as I have Internet access I can check the location of the package and if it has arrived, if I go that route.

Thanks again.
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Re: Recieving a package in Japan 2012/9/23 12:10
Be careful with tracking - sometime parcels from Japan (even express with tracking number) get "lost" on record as soon as they arrive on the other end and clear customs. I've had someone send a parcel from the US with a tracking number, but as soon as it reached Japan, the record was not kept anymore, and it arrived a few days later with "tracking only valid in the US" stamped across the tracking number on the box.

I hope you find some way to receive what you need! :)
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