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Age & origin silk pic of tori gate & deer 2012/9/22 04:28
I have inherited a silk picture of the tori gate with water deer. Sealed edges suggest it is off a roll or weaving frame. Colours faded to shades of grey. Some yellowing may be from household smoke over the years. In family's possession over 50 years. Size approx 500 x 600. Silvered & gesso wood frame. If gate rebuilt 1875, what is age and origin of this picture? An ancester used to travel to far east between 1900 and 1917.
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Re: Age & origin silk pic of tori gate & deer 2012/9/23 06:42
Providing a photo would probably help.
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Re: Age & origin silk pic of tori gate & deer 2012/10/1 05:19
I am afraid I cannot seem to copy and paste a photo onto this message. Perhaps a direct e-mail would work. TT
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... 2012/10/1 09:17
Try using

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