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Monster truck races in Japan? 2012/9/24 08:11
Recently got back from Tokyo, spent about 3 months there after my discharge from the navy and enjoyed it immensely and I've made many friends there both Japanese and non-japanese (fellow foreigners). One of my acquaintences used to burrow some DVDs I had brought over with me, among them was a program called "Bigfoot Strikes Again"- a 1980s video about the monster truck Bigfoot- and another which was Monster Jam world finals 2009.

When he brought them back he told me that Japan usually doesn't have anyhting like that going on.

I have ties to the industry itself, helped out with alot of racing teams when not at work or serving the USA and I was even briefly an official with the MTRA before that organization started to downsize.

So I thought about it, and I think it might be a lucrative business, bringing over monster trucks from america and putting on shows in Japan. What do you all think?
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Re: Monster truck races in Japan? 2012/9/24 21:50
Monster truck culture has been around for years. If it hasn't made it big in Japan, most likely the reason is there isn't much of a market for it. Just because one or two people think it's great doesn't mean it's going to hit it big there. I'm sure it would have made it there already if the demand had been there.

To me, it's a dying thing here in the States as well....
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Re: Monster truck races in Japan? 2012/9/25 14:56
If you have contact with people who can build the track, finance the maintenance, promote tickets to these tracks that would obviously be in the middle of nowhere, why not?
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Re: Monster truck races in Japan? 2012/9/25 17:22
As long as they are the real monster trucks like bigfoot and grave digger then i dont see why it would not bring an audience. alot of people know these.

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Re: Monster truck races in Japan? 2012/9/25 22:02
I personally think the space deprived, over-stressed, under-sexed Japanese population would go crazy for some good ole jumping and smashing but...

Like many potential exports to Japan, there may be market for it but the logistics and subsequent required financing do not make it realistic.
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