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Cohabitational Living 2012/9/26 05:12
I saw a question posted back in 2008 about this, but in four years a lot can change so I'm just hoping to get an updated answer.

Do Japanese couples live together before marriage? I'm talking about couple that aren't enganged.

I'm thinking of moving here with my boyfriend (who is Asian, but not Japanese) for work opportunities and I keep hearing different things about young couple who live together.

Some people say foreigners who come here and live together is no big deal, but the Japanese don't do it.. soo anyone?
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Re: Cohabitational Living 2012/9/26 12:28
I just asked about it. Seems that recently more young couples are living together that aren't engaged or married. I'm sure older generations would disapprove, though, but things are changing as far as this current generation is concerned...seemingly.
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Re: Cohabitational Living 2012/9/29 17:13
I know couples who live together in Tokyo- couples aged in their 30s, 40s and 50s. Of course some conservative people probably care about what others think - but you'd be surprised at how many Japanese people don't.
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Re: Cohabitational Living 2012/9/29 17:38
The other two have answered your question: just to add, if you have been offered a job and come here on that employer-sponsored work visa, what visa/resident status would your boyfriend be on? If you are married, he'll be eligible for "dependent" visa. Otherwise, as there is no fiance resident status, he'll have to find himself a way to obtain a resident status on his own so that he can stay in Japan with you. He might find an employer himself and apply for resident status change, apply with a language school/college to gain student status, etc. (while his Temporary Visitor Status is valid).

Another thing is that as non-Japanese your housing options will be somewhat limited (with the employer's guarantee of course), but if you say you will be living with your boyfriend, not married, that might further narrow your options (in the eyes of the landlords). But that may have relaxed a bit with more cohabs compared with before. (I have not rented properties for some years, so I am not exactly sure of the current situation.)
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