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Goukon (Group Dating) 2012/9/28 11:52
anyone know how a foreigner can get join a goukon (group dating)? i am interested in joining one, it helps to get to know a lot of people, maybe even meet a special someone. if its a japanese language only goukon is fine with me. i am fairly confident in my ability to converse in japanese. my only caution is it might be something that only Japanese are allowed to do.

can anyone help?
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Re: Goukon (Group Dating) 2012/9/28 13:43
it is usually organize by invite friends who invite their friend so the best way is to ask some single Japanese around your age.
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Re: Goukon (Group Dating) 2012/9/28 18:32
As mentioned, it's something arranged through friends, not an open-to-public event. It might be arranged by a girl in college, for example, and if she's got a guyfriend in another college who might be interested in meeting someone, she might ask around among her classmates to see if they want to join, and the guy in another college might ask the same number of guys to participate.

It is not a 100% Japanese thing, but I imagine that they might not want to have one non-Japanese guy (unless he is fairly fluent in Japanese), as that one guy "could" gather the attention of all girls, for example. I don't know if you are in college or working, but is there any friendship club or an English conversation lounge or something of the sort?
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Re: Goukon (Group Dating) 2012/9/28 21:33
To anonymous,

Keep in mind that goukon is not "group dating." It's a "get-together" or a "small party" where a group of guys and gals gather at a pub or something to eat and drink.

The "dating" starts later only if one of the members like you enough to go out with you. In other words, those who arrange goukon tend to invite people who can contribute to the party, like fun and handsome people or someone ugly enough to match the other ugly members.
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Re: Goukon (Group Dating) 2012/9/29 00:18
@UCO I googled the meaning of goukon, and the answer was "group dating" usually for single men & women. Now I'm not exactly judging here but isn't it a little harsh to say that only beautiful people do it? The point of organizing a goukon is to find & meet new people, create relationships whilst having a good time conversing with them. To the ones who answered my question, thank you for helping out. I will ask my female friend about it to learn more.
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Re: Goukon (Group Dating) 2012/9/29 13:01
Uco-san, I know we are both Japanese of the same gender in the same age bracket (yes :)), but your understanding definitely is not in line with mine. I agree that "group dating" sounds somewhat misleading in that it sounds like the people are couples already, but a "group search for potential girl/boyfriend" so "singles party" is certainly true. I don't understand the part about "fun and handsome.... ugly..." at all.

It's organized by friends bringing friends, but at least some of the attending people would have thoughts like "oh, we are meeting people from that university/that company or that sports club, that sounds promising!" and if upon meeting/talking, if a guy likes one of the girls in particular, he'll try to get her phone number that evening, and if a girl likes one of the guys, she'll try to get the guy to ask for her phone number, etc. It IS like singles' party. And if they are shy to ask for that right at the party, some of them will try to arrange for another occasion.
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Re: Goukon (Group Dating) 2012/10/1 22:08
I never said nor think that "only beautiful people do" goukon and I don't think my post contradicts with those of others, but I'm sorry if it was misleading. I was just trying to help, although unsuccessfully.
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