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Autumn in Kyoto 2012/9/29 10:35

I will be around Kyoto from Nov 21st to Nov 26th. Do you think I could able to see the peak colors by the time? Pls suggest the easiest place to view the colors as I will bring my parents too..
by Raz (guest)  

Re: Autumn in Kyoto 2012/9/29 13:29
I think your chances are good to see the colors at or near the peak, especially towards the end of your stay. But it depends a lot on the temperatures of the upcoming weeks.

In Hokkaido the colors are delayed by 1-2 weeks compared to the average year due to an extremely hot summer in Hokkaido. However, the summer was not that extraordinarily hot in the Kyoto area, although it was still above average. So, at this point of time, I expect a delay, but not an extreme one. Which again means that the peak of the season is likely to take place towards the end of November.

Pls suggest the easiest place to view the colors as I will bring my parents too.

Arashiyama, Kodaiji and Nanzenji are easy to access and enjoy colors:

But especially if you take a taxi to get there, many other places are not particularly difficult to get to, either, although some of the spots can be crowded.

Not recommended for people with bad legs are Takao, Sanzenin and Yoshiminedera. Kiyomizudera also requires a few hundred meters walk uphill through crowded streets from the nearest taxi stand.
by Uji rate this post as useful

Re: Autumn in Kyoto 2012/9/29 15:14
In addition to what Uji writes, I would recommend to check (when you are in Kyoto) with the tourist information office and/or autumn foliage websites where the peak is.
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