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Sent pen-pal some goodies, never heard back 2012/9/29 18:57
My pen-pal and I like to exchange little trinkets with eachother.

One time she sent me two envelopes of goodies in a span of a few weeks.

I thanked her through e-mail and when I had time, sent her a package back.

I didn't feel obligated to send her something back, I didn't want to out-do her, I WANTED to send these things to her just because and I'd never expect anything in return other than a reply. The value of the goodies wasn't much at all (just stickers, paper, pens, some postcards from my country...)

but since I haven't heard back from her (while usually she replies really fast), I feel like perhaps I put her in an awkward position (maybe she thinks the value was a lot?).

I want to send her an e-mail today to see how she's doing, but I'm wondering, should I mention that she shouldn't feel obligated to send me anything since I'm already happy with just an e-mail, or should I just ignore that part and pretend like I never sent her anything?
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Re: Sent pen-pal some goodies, never heard back 2012/9/29 20:50
Have you considered the possibility of your package having got lost along the way? Postal services are not infallible, unfortunately, and I've had it happen to me; I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't asked my penpal if she'd received my package.

You can say something like "Oh, by the way, I sent you something last week/month/whatever, I wonder if it's already reached you?", and then reiterate she doesn't have to send you anything in return.
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Re: Sent pen-pal some goodies, never heard back 2012/9/30 20:16
Thanks for your reply.
Actually, that didn't cross my mind at all! Thanks for reminding me. I guess I'll just ask whether the package has arrived :)
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