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Why can't lovers visit Konpirasan in Kagawa? 2012/9/30 17:16
Last year I went with my boyfriend to his hometown in Kagawa, and I really wanted to visit Konpirasan because it looked so beautiful in pictures. However his parents told us that we should not go there because it was "not that kind of temple". I asked why, but the answer was rather vague. It seems like it is a temple for parting, and if i understood them correctly, visiting it with your loved one would lead to a break up.

Does anybody know something about this? I would like to know more :)
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Re: Why can't lovers visit Konpirasan in Kagawa? 2012/9/30 18:30
I've heard of that - they say that the goddess enshrined there gets jealous if someone goes there with a woman, and parts the couple...
You might not believe in it, and his parents might not "really" believe it, but as a courtesy to his parents, I mean, they don't want anything to happen the two of you as a couple, they don't want you to knowingly walk into a jinx, so I would not persist going there :)
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