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Seasonal Fresh Food in November 2012/9/30 18:30
I have been to Japan 5 times, normally in the Spring. This us the 1st time in November.

This trip is set for 17 days. 14 day JR pass! I want to eat what is in season. I have been to every prefecture except for Hokkaido. Would it be cold that you can't walk too much outside, slipperiness & safety of sidewalks is a concern.

kinosaki crabs available? Didn't 't see any on my last trip around the month of September.

Are the Miyajima oysters really going to be fresh & in season? What time of the day is best to visit?

Need advise on best seasonal foods to eat and where?
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Re: Seasonal Fresh Food in November 2012/10/1 02:06
Do not fear. Side walks in Japan and in Hokkaido are generally safe.

As for the temperature it depends on what you are used to, but for November refer to here:
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Re: Seasonal Fresh Food in November 2012/10/3 03:09
Kinosaki crab is open since 6th Nov till 20th Mar.
Strictly speaking, Kinosaki crab(male) is open 6th Nov- 20th Mar.
Kinosaki crab (female) is open 6th Nov- 10th Jan.
Furthermore, open season is different by area.
Same crab is open 1st Oct- 30th May in Niigata prefecture.

I recommend "Buri (yellowtail)" and "Kawahagi (leather fish)"
Buri is best in winter, so it is called in special name "KanBuri", and Toyama prefecture is famouse for "KanBuri"
"Kawahagi" is delicious in all season.
And their delicious liver is grawn up since autum to winter.
So You can order Kawahagi sushi with its liver in November. Try it!
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Re: Seasonal Fresh Food in November 2012/10/5 22:16
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