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Docomo's Samsung Galaxy S3 has no S voice 2012/10/1 23:49
Yesterday bought the Galaxy SIII. After reading specs and watching review on Youtube, I decided to buy one, especially for good and useful features that are PREINSTALLED in every Galaxy S3. But today after unwrapping the phone I realized that I cannot answer the incoming calls, even thought I press the green button, and all the other button. Second problem is that this phone has no S Voice feature, which should be FACTROY PREINSTELLED in every Galaxy S 3, you can read any specs and reviews in the internet and it should be there by default, but I found out that my doesn't have this function and I am afraid that Docomo's Galaxy S 3 devices has nothing like that. Does anybody know why this DEFAULT fuction is not installed in the device?
Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.
by Azati  

Re: Docomo's Samsung Galaxy S3 has no S voice 2012/10/3 18:23
When you buy a phone at an operator's shop, it comes "branded" with an operator specific layer.
All the default apps that you heard about are the ones installed on the samsung box version.
But the operator-branded version does not always include these, just as there are docomo specific apps preinstalled on your phone that aren't available on boxed ones.

It's basically a matter of specific layer added on top of the basic android system.
You have the docomo one, instead of the "raw" samsung one.

Two solutions : either you find S Voice on android market (not sure if it's possible), or you flash your phone with a Samsung ROM.
No other ways around.
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Re: Docomo's Samsung Galaxy S3 has no S voice 2012/10/4 17:06
S Voice won't be available on Google Play, as manufacturers keep their applications exclusive to their own handset. The only other thing I could suggest if you don't want to go through the trouble of installing a custom rom is searching for "s voice apk", because it's very common for built-in apps to be ripped from manufacturers devices, so that they can be installed onto any device.

I took a look at this briefly and found http://androidforums.com/triumph-all-things-root/576108-s-voice-apk-av.... It may only worked on a rooted phone though, so you might want to look up the details for rooting on the xda-developers.com forums if you're not familiar with it.
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Re: Docomo's Samsung Galaxy S3 has no S voice 2012/11/28 21:03
A LOT OF THANKS TO YOU GUYS. EVEN THOUGH I ANSWER LATE. I found the way to install s voice but it really has a lot of bugs still. Anyway thanks for sharing your information. God bless!
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