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Ten-Don Shop in Tokyo 2012/10/3 04:35

I'm coming to Tokyo in one week and I really want to eat at a famous ten-don shop in Tokyo. It's been featured in a lot of japanese tv shows and I believe all they serve is ten-don and they've been around for several decades. If anyone can find me, the name and address, or the tabelog link or another link I'd be much greatful.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Ten-Don Shop in Tokyo 2012/10/3 18:33
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Re: Ten-Don Shop in Tokyo 2012/10/4 10:40
Thank you so much ajapaneseboy!!!!

This is exactly the store I was thinking of!!!
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Re: Ten-Don Shop in Tokyo 2012/10/5 22:13
I love Tenya as well.

Also highly recommend Daikokuya in Asakusa (they specialize in shrimp tendon). This post was written by a friend of mine:


If you are going to Tsukiji Market, then you have to go to Tenfusa for tendon. I also like their anago tempura.

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Re: Ten-Don Shop in Tokyo 2012/10/7 19:43
If you will go to Asakusa in Tokyo, you can find a lot of famous Ten-Don Shops.


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