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Vase 2012/10/5 23:16
I have a vase that has the following markings on the botton. "Genuin Satsuma, Made in Kyoto Japan" writen in gold and has some kind of signature in red. The finishing is cream color and has a cracked look.
The vase is approximately 9 inches high.
The decoration on it is some king of wheat blades in the forefront and tree branches and pink flowers on branches in the back. At the top the trim is gold and orangy with a circle and cross in the centre. The design seems to be in gold leaf.
The base in some king of brown color with gold half circles
Could you please let me know if these is a genuin vase.
I can send you photos by e-mail.
Thank you
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Re: Vase 2012/10/6 11:55
A genuine [old] Satsuma vase would not have
writing on it that was in English. What you have is a reproduction. Fine old Satsuma vases can be quite valueable. This being said, there is nothing "bad" about a reproduction as long as a dealer is not representing it as antique. Reproductions can be quite beautiful and nice to own and enjoy. Also if the cat knocks it over and is broken it is less of a loss.
The crackeling in the vase is "normal" and actually speaks to a nicer [more desireable and authentic] finish. The color is the the traditional one.
A photo here would be nice if you can.
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Re: Vase 2012/10/6 12:41
"Genuin Satsuma, Made in Kyoto Japan"

Very funny. You won't be posting this if where Satsuma-yaki comes from. It's made in Kagoshima, Kyushu no where near Kyoto, LOL
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Re: Vase 2012/10/6 16:58
Satsuma was later made in Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama, etc as well: http://gotheborg.com/marks/satsuma.shtml

There has been quite a lot of Satsuma-like pottery made in China since the 70s.

It is probably best to show the vase to a proper antique shop and ask their opinion.
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... 2012/10/6 17:47
If you want to post photos use a site like imgur and then post the link here.


Once you have uploaded the photo to imgur it will give you a link that should look something like:-
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