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I would like buy Big Luggage for plane 2012/10/7 00:52
I would like buy Luggage with wheels for plane. I am now in Japan with big bagpack, but is so full and i dont have space for japanese staff (souvenires etc.) And i thinked buy cheap normal Luggage, where i put more staff than my bagpack (60L + 10L).I will be 8/10 in Kyoto and 9/10 in Tokyo. 10/10 morning i am flying to home. Thanks for help.
by Radek (guest)  

Re: I would like buy Big Luggage for plane 2012/10/8 15:53
I bought a suitcase at Ameyoko- right near Ueno JR Station on the Yamanote line- lots of luggage shops there and plenty of price range to choose from.
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Re: I would like buy Big Luggage for plane 2012/10/12 16:00
Extremely huge bags over a certain weight or size will be charged extra charges at airport check in counters.

There are limited airport handlers with insurance coverage for dealing with over specific weight limit luggage.
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