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What gifts should i bring to Japan? 2012/10/7 06:26
I'm traveling to speak to groups of people affected by the tsunami, radiation and earthquake. The groups will be large, I don't anticipate giving to all. They need to be small enough to travel and wont be too costly. Any suggestions?
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Re: What gifts should i bring to Japan? 2012/10/7 17:17
As souvenirs/small gifts, I would normally recommend some food/sweets from your country/state/town. Something that people can share and enjoy eating together, be it in their offices or at home.

But in your case, um, if I may ask, when you say you are coming to "speak" to groups of people affected by the natural disaster, are you giving a lecture to a hall full of audience, are you interviewing them individually, or are you going to be seeing groups of people for example who belong to NPOs/NGOS to help people to rebuild their lives? My consideration is that if you're conducting interviews which you've asked for (for your research or something), then I don't want to suggest something too playful/inexpensive.

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