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Is Airsoft sniper worth it? 2012/10/7 08:36
Hello! So my question is pretty simple, I will be moving to japan next year and I love paintball and airsoft. My question is, given the laws regarding speed and strength of shots (which seems to be more strict then other countries) Is getting a dedicated sniper rifle for airsoft (in tokyo) worth it? I know nothing of the fields or anything there but I have heard some people say that snipers are a little weak in japan given the laws. I have never tried so I would rather hear from someone IN japan who actively plays airsoft to tell me his/her opinions on the matter. Thank you!
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Re: Is Airsoft sniper worth it? 2012/10/8 03:15
not really worth it, you're better off ordering direct from hong kong to your own country.

there's the additional problem that if you buy something in japan it won't have safety specs needed in most other countries such as an orange painted tip.

the velocities may also be much much slower than is useful. for example a sniper rifle's max velocity in japan is around 350fps or so and rifles from hong kong get the springs downgraded to ensure the bb's don't go any faster.

in japan if your gun shoots over 1 joule (that's about 400fps or so with normal bb's) and the police find out about it, you could get in SERIOUS legal trouble, not just a slap on the wrist, they have put people in jail for airsoft offenses.
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Re: Is Airsoft sniper worth it? 2012/10/8 11:22
FWIW, it sounds like the OP intends to purchase AND play in Japan. So different safety regulations and laws may not apply if they are purchasing a gun in Japan.
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