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door solicitors coming at night? 2012/10/7 20:50
Is it normal for door solicitors to come at night in Japan? Because a solicitor continues to come when its pitch dark out 2 nights in a row and I did not answer it. Want to know if its a normal thing to have a solicitor show up at night.
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Re: door solicitors coming at night? 2012/10/7 21:32
How late are you talking about? Those who want to sell newspaper subscription, forexample, often come around seven or eight in the evening, when they are done with their delivery for the day and think there is a chance that people are are home.
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Re: door solicitors coming at night? 2012/10/8 03:13
at this time of year in japan it's pitch dark by 6:30 pm. i sure hope that late a visit doesn't bother you!

but if people are visiting past about 8:30 that's a bit strange. you may want to ask them to stop coming.

i have however seen the NHK guy pin-pon me a million times at aorund 9pm. i usually ignore him or tell him i don't have a tv.
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Re: door solicitors coming at night? 2012/10/8 19:44
Frequently, they arrive at night when they expect occupants' presence. We had a couple- an officer and translator -they came in the evening to explain about trash bagging and separation days and that the bags must be kept under the nets.

Another evening, we had a tenant from upstairs knocking at our door (as we leave early and return only in evenings) with a huge box of tissues to announce that they were moving out the next day and requested our grace to bear the noises.

Most Japanese feel strongly on "duty". sometimes, night visits are procedural rather than intrusive.
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Re: door solicitors coming at night? 2012/10/9 23:22
8:30 is not strange at all. Many working residents just aren't even available at that hour.

For example, a person representing the neighborhood community might want to tell you something important or collect the common "chonaikai" fee from you. And it's really common for parcels to arrive up to say 9pm.

Generally speaking, 10pm and after is concidered "too late to bother people," meaning you aren't supposed to make noises at the park nor are you supposed to knock on doors without a good reason.

But then, if it's truely important, it's common to leave a message in the mail box after one or two unsuccessful visits.
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