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Online DJ Equipment 2004/9/23 08:16
Hi, Could someone please tell me where i can buy DJ gear online direct from japan? Preferbly PIONEER CDJ 1000'S. Thanks in advance. Jared
by Jared  

Dj equipment 2007/3/24 18:38
Yeah, I got the same question.I'm looking for technics turntables direct from Japan. Jared, if you found something give me please an answer.
by Will rate this post as useful

ey jared 2008/6/10 08:39
u can get them cheaper in the Uk (
by Vic rate this post as useful

DJ Gear Japan 2009/10/11 19:33
I live in Okinawa. There are 4 music shops that i know of. 2 near Kadena Airforce Base, 1 in Naha, and 1 in Kin which is near Ishikawa. Online you can check out or just hop on and they will ship here. As for the local stores, they may have mixers or a set of tables but to get exactly what you want they will probably have to order. Either way it will still be cheaper and quicker going through them.
by DeeJayTeeOh (guest) rate this post as useful

why? 2011/2/14 11:33
I am curious why do you need DJ gear straight from japan? Is it different than the gear you could get in the states?
by Din (guest) rate this post as useful

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