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Will I be able to find any clothes? (Womens) 2012/10/13 21:54
Hey everyone!

I am going to Tokyo in december and will stay there for two months. I'm considering to bring light luggage and do some shopping there.

However I am not sure if I will be able to find clothes that fit?

I am 165cm, and weigh 50kg. Usually I wear a size 36 but sometimes 38 (European) and my bra size is 70E (again European)

Even though I am not too tall I'm not sure I'll be able to find pants for example.. since my legs are quite long (typical swedish lol)
I am sure I'll find shoes though.. since I have size 37.

I am sorry if there is a thread just like this one. But I can't find another one with my sizes.. help me, I'm confused lol. Anyway, I really appreciate your help^^
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Re: Will I be able to find any clothes? (Womens) 2012/10/14 09:51
You will be fine. :) We are similar height/weight/bust, and I can wear almost anything here. Though your body shape may be different than Japanese and that can cause a problem, for example, I find Japanese pants don't fit me well because I have a small waist and larger bum and thighs, whereas most Japanese girls have a very straight build. This means the waist of Japanese pants is usually too big and the thighs are very tight. Some tops and dresses are made for people with smaller chests too, but overall you will be able to find lots of cute clothing! Happy shopping!
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Re: Will I be able to find any clothes? (Womens) 2012/10/15 17:35
There is a unique sakazen store (probably only one that caters the basement to women casual and formal wear- most are for men only) they have same day alterations and embossed initials at nominal fee if arrive early morning or else it is different day collection.

Call them in advance with specific queries if store carries the products on the day you will be visiting -often Japanese seasonal wear changes early to clear inventory.
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