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Where is an Abortion Clinic in Japan? 2004/9/23 15:17
Where is an Abortion Clinic in Japan?
by Christine  

urgent? 2004/9/23 21:33
I only know clinics in Osaka.
It usually costs about 150000yen including examinations. You need to go to a good doctor.
by sue rate this post as useful

yuu-sei-hogo-hou-shitei-i 2004/9/23 23:14
Just look for any gynecologist, clinic or hospital, but make sure it's a yuu-sei-hogo-hou-shitei-i(優生保護法指定医), that is supposed to practice reliable and legal operations. But I'm not sure if it usually costs as much as 150000 yen, because that's nearly half the cost of the fee you need when you're hospitalised for delivery.
by Uco rate this post as useful

cost 2004/9/24 03:59
In japan, abortion operations are not covered by health insurance whether she is a Japanese or not. You have to pay 100%.
by sue rate this post as useful

Abortion Clinic In Japan 2004/10/16 21:51
There is a women's clinic in Okinawa city. They speak a English the address is
1-3-20 Ageda, Okinawa City.
Opereating hours 0900-1230
1400-1750. The number is 098-937-8878.
by Jac rate this post as useful

abortion clinics in oki japan 2005/8/20 20:31
there is one abortion clinic that is really clean and sanitary. it's a little hard to find but the address is correct from the previous blog. Its $801 dollars they except american or yen. They first do an ultra sound to see if you are, then check your vital signs. Then you pay the money. After that they take you back to surgery. It's about a thirty minute surgery and they put you to sleep. After that they keep you there for two hours after surgery to make sure that everything is okay. They advise you not to do any vigorious exercises for three days and to make sure you take the medicine they give you as directed. They also let you know that there's a good chance that when you do have your next child willingly, your child might have Jaundice. It's a skin condition when the child is born.
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where in Japan are you staying? 2005/8/20 23:29
If you are in downtown Tokyo you might want to try the Mori building in Kasumigaseki next to the Tokyo Tower. They have an English speaking staff, I know that there is an OB/GYN. working there who is Japanese, but speaks perfect fluent english, I don't know if they do abortions there, but they might be able to recommend a nearby clinic. You might want to post the nearest location that you are at if you want specifics.
by sarahck rate this post as useful

Where is the closest one to Yokosuka? 2006/5/16 02:22
Where is the closest abortion clinic located at from Yokosuka? Please I need to find one super quickly!!!!
by Jerry rate this post as useful

. 2006/5/16 10:06
Go to a bookstore and buy a copy of The Japan Health Handbook
by vino rate this post as useful

Need to know a location 2006/5/22 00:43
I need to know of a good abortion clinic that is safe inside tokyo, anywhere in downtown is fine, please...thanks
by Mike L. rate this post as useful

Abortion clinic 2006/7/6 08:50
i need to know Abortion Clinic in Tokyo or Shinagawa area,
thanx alot
by Ash rate this post as useful

you people! 2006/7/6 08:57
You people! Read Uco's post again. Any regular gynecologist will do. You don't have to go to a special clinic just for abortions.
by sazae-san rate this post as useful

Tokyo 2006/7/6 12:56
by Re: rate this post as useful

osaka abortion clinic...where? 2007/1/18 22:26
does anybody know where i can find an abortion clinic in osaka japan?is abortion possible without the consent of my japanese husband?how much does it cost?please tell me the address of the clinic.anyway im not really good in japanese so it would be better to have an english speaking abortionist.
by worried girl rate this post as useful

Abortion Clinics 2007/2/6 23:39
Can anyone tell me where to find an abortion clinic near Camp Foster? Need help fast
by Bob rate this post as useful

kobe japan 2007/4/21 12:10
is there an abortion clinic in kobe japan! asap help!
by help asap rate this post as useful

hope it helps 2007/7/28 03:06
Japan Family Planning Association, Inc. (FPFJ )
Hoken Kaikan Shinkan Bldg
1-10 Ichigaya Tamachi, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo 162-0843

Tel: +81(3) 3269 4041
Fax: +81(3) 3269 4750
by ashi rate this post as useful

please help me... 2008/8/1 19:02
where can we find abortion clinics near nagoya area or hospitals please give me a number or address anything please..thank u very much..
by stinger rate this post as useful

Shiga prefecture clinic 2008/8/7 15:58
Is there a good clinic in the Shiga prefecture? Preferably close to Nagahama?
by eCa rate this post as useful

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