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Japanese Toilet Ghosts 2012/10/19 17:55
Hi My Name IS Steven. I have heard of a ghost that pops up its head in the toilet, originating in Japan. Is this true?

Yours Sincerely Steven Georesson
by Steven Geofresson (guest)  

Re: Japanese Toilet Ghosts 2012/10/19 18:27
I've got a toilet ghost i call jeferson
every morning i give him offerings to keep him happy.
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Re: Japanese Toilet Ghosts 2012/10/20 02:03
"Hanako-san in the toilet" is known very popular.
I heard the story had a wide circulation as "Hanako-san in the 3rd latrine" since the 1950s.

But I dislike horror,
so I know a song by Uemura Haruna only.(^_^;
"Toire niwa sorewa sorewa kirei-na megami-sama ga iru-n-yade"
There is so beautiful godness in the toilet,
so if you keep clean there everyday, you will be beautiful like godness.
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