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Suggestions for Japanese prizes? 2012/10/22 07:25
Hi, I'm in charge of giving out prizes for my club's Japanese festival. I would like if someone could give me some suggestions regarding potential Japanese prizes.

I need some small prizes, but also some big ones. Obviously the small prizes need to be cheaper than the big ones.

Thank you
by Josh (guest)  

Re: Suggestions for Japanese prizes? 2012/10/23 16:27
There are a bunch of ideas ranging from cheap to expensive. I'm just going to throw them out in any order:

uchiwa or sensu (Japanese fans)
a sake set
a tea set
Japanese green tea
Japanese snacks
a bento box
japanese cook book
japanese language books
jinbei or yukata
japan travel books
japan post cards
cute japanese character stuff
funny engrish shirts
origami paper, book on origami

etc. etc. etc. there are a lot of ideas! Hope you find some you like!
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Re: Suggestions for Japanese prizes? 2012/10/23 23:00
funny engrish shirts?
NO! Don't make Japanese ridiculous, please!

BTW, how about HanaFuda cards?
It's beautiful and traditional Japanese playing-cards.
And some cards are made by Nintendo.
They are a toy maker in Kyoto, on their early days, they began to sell HanaFuda cards on 1889.
(BTW, they say that they are the first Western playing-cards maker in Japan, they began to make them on 1902.)
I think that's a bit interesting...
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Re: Suggestions for Japanese prizes? 2012/10/24 14:38
NO! Don't make Japanese ridiculous, please!

Lol, oh please, if you're going to get a permanent tattoo and don't know what it says, you deserve to be made fun of if it doesn't mean quite what you thought it did. Likewise, (Japanese parents take note!) if I see your two year old with a shirt that says F*CK YOU on it, I will look at you like you are a terrible parent.

That said, I know what the engrish says, and have myself bought an engrish shirt a time or two for the lulz factor. They make great gifts for back home!

Besides, maybe if more people "made Japanese ridiculous", the people who make these shirts will, I dunno, grab a random foreigner off the street and ask, "can I say this?" instead of printing whatever words they feel like putting together!

The HanaFuda cards are a great idea, though, especially if you can find the really nice traditional style!

Another idea is stationary, erasable pens, fun pencils, nice paper, etc. Calenders and magnets as well. If you want something with even more meaning, try to find daruma or kokeshi dolls. There are a lot of sites that sell Japanese import stuff like that and the above, so you can get a lot more ideas from there. Also, a site I recommend for anyone is daisojapan.com for all sorts of cool stuff!
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