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Kyoto Koi 2012/10/22 09:44
Please forgive the esoteric nature of this question. I'm bold as I've seen so many hard questions answered in this forum!

We'd like to see some Koi whilst we're in Kyoto.
Does anyone know the name/location of any Koi farms? I found one place in north east Kyoto, but its map wasn't in English. (sorry, don't have the link on me).
We're obviously not buying, just looking, and I don't want to treat a business like a show park. Do they normally allow visitors?

Furthermore, are there any temples/gardens that a noted for their Koi?

many thanks
by ausmomo  

... 2012/10/22 10:39
I think you will probably see enough in the temples/shrines that you are going to, so I probably wouldn't bother trying to squeeze in a visit to a farm.

I have no idea which ones are well known for koi but recall seeing a variety of them at Tenjuan, Heian Shrine, Tenryuji, Kinkakuji, and probably many others. There is no shortage of koi in Kyoto!
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Re: Kyoto Koi 2012/10/22 14:06
Hakusa-sonsou near Ginkakuji has large clear pond where you can see many Koi. Honestly, it is not so famous or popular, the garden is very nice. I love it.

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Re: Kyoto Koi 2012/10/22 14:14
there are also heaps in the pond at Imperial Palace (or one of them, with a little shrine), and plenty of turtles as well. And there and plenty at the temple near Kiyomizudera with the big cement buddha (sp?) on the top
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Re: Kyoto Koi 2013/3/27 00:34
right by the kyoto station behind El hotel across the street from the keihan hotel is a koi and goldfish store and farm on the side street by the cross walk infront of karasumadori
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