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Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/22 23:51
Hi! I'm going to Japan later this year and I just found out about these stamp books (?)
and thought about getting one of these since I'm going to visit lots of temples and shrines anyway. Do they give these stamps only in temples or in shrines too?

I've read you can buy these in almost every temple but most of them have a really simple design, and I'm looking for a bit more unique, with some nice picture on it.

So could anyone give some advice where to buy these either in Tokyo or Kyoto?

Also, when I'm in the temple, where and whom should I ask to give the stamp?

Thank you very much.
by Darui (guest)  

Re: Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/23 15:51
Hi Darui, the stamp books are really cool, they are one of the things I always bring with me traveling around Japan! You can definitely get the stamps at both temples and shrines, although if it is a really tiny place with no workers, you wont always be able to find someone to do it for you.

Each temple or shrine usually has at least one or two of these books for sale if they do shuuin at all, but designs vary from place to place. Most have pretty simplistic designs, but some are more fancy. However usually you have to go to the actual shrine to buy them. You can also get them some places online, but I don't know about international shipping; you could check rakuten, they sometimes allow international shipping.

Otherwise, I would suggest choosing a book either from whichever temple/shrine you happen to visit first, or choose your first destination for size since the bigger temples/shrines usually have more choices. Meiji Jingu, for example, I'd expect to have a larger collection than many.

Or you could look through google images for some books you really like, and then see which temple/shrine the book is from and plan to buy it from there. If you can't read Japanese, however, that will be difficult.

As for recommendations, I got my first book at sanjyuusangendo in Kyoto, and while it is fine, I've seen a lot of designs I like better. My favorites would be a split between the books from the shrines at Ise and the black book from Todaiji in Nagano. I think Todaiji's might be my next book, while I got a book cover with the same design in Ise.

Finally, usually if a temple or shrine does shuuin, it will be around the place they sell mikuji and souvenirs. You can look for the kanji, or even just ask a miko "shuuin wa doko desu ka?" and they can point you toward it. I've only ever been to one temple with people working/miko who could not do shuuin, and it is one in Kyoto near Arashiyama. I only got a do-it-yourself stamp at that one, and not the calligraphy. Otherwise, it is a great way to track all the shrines and temples you've been to! Also a note, it is easy to forget which stamp is for which temple, and even if you read Japanese the calligraphy style is hard! So I suggest doing something like taking a picture with it next to a note or brochure, or even writing a small number on each page and listing which place it is from in a note somewhere. Otherwise you'll be like me, looking through and wondering "where was this again?"

Hope that helps you!
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Re: Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/23 16:49
Oh, kindred spirits!
I wish goShuin stamp is more popular.

As scarreddragon said.
In general, there is a signboard that says "", "", "".
And when you ask someone "where is goShuin-jo?",
you had better show them your goShuinCho stamp book.

In general, great shrines like Ise-shrine have very simple stamp,
so I think you had better visit temples in the main.

BTW, there is a new year special sheet to visit decided 7 shrine&temples called "ShichiFuku-Jin" on January, every year, maybe nationwide.
(sheet) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gt1luLpGVCQ
(7gods) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Id6HgIjK-4s&feature=share&list=PLF0E5A2...

See also:
Although I'm ashamed of my poor English.(x_x;
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Re: Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/23 17:04
Oh wow, what an awesome thing to do!

Would it be possible to buy the goShuinCho at places other than the temples/shrines?

For example a washi shop? Or any of the shops in and around Nishiki markets in Kyoto?

Would there be anywhere to see a range and select one? If only the temples sell them then you only get to see one at a time.

/very excited
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Re: Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/23 17:14
for others interested, I found this website;
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Re: Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/23 18:19
@ausmomo Thank you for the infomation.
I didn't know that are sold out of temples.

I googled, so they say
"The goShuin-cho books are sold at Kyukyo-do, Kyogoku-Iwai and so on."
as you said.

And so I can recommend the pouches to put goShuin-cho book in.
How can I show my pouches and books for reference...

I think maybe Touji temple near Kyoto station supply many kinds of books.

Once I saw the books with the Imperial chrysanthemum crest were sold at Horyu-ji temple in Nara.
But next year when I visited again to buy it, they were sold very simple design books only!
After all, I got it at Shorei-in temple in Kyoto.
It's very simple but with a chrysanthemum crest.(lol
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Re: Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/23 20:59
Thank you all very much! Really helpful. :)
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Re: Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/23 21:10
Oh and never mind about the other thread I made about the same topic. I meant to put this on travel category and wondered why my question never was published, hehe.

Sorry for multi-posting.
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Re: Temple stamp book, where to buy? 2012/10/23 21:42
sorry for posting again, but I found another;

It seems a good resource on Kyoto temples. For all I know it could be out of date.
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