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Sophia University 2012/10/23 01:30

How hard/easy is it to get into Sophia University as an international student?

I am not an native English or Japanese speaker, so I will have to do TOEFL tests, but I am quite confident about that.

I am French, have been homeschooled for my whoe high school and jr high school time, but I received my baccalaureat certificate, so Sophia told me I was eligible to apply.

Now, because of this, I don't have recommandation letters from any schools to give.

So, I have big doubts regarding my chances...
What is the most important part of application? Is it the grades, the essays, the letters?

Thank you
by Tatum  

... 2012/10/23 09:16
I can't help you with your specific questions but if you search on the forums for "Sophia" you will see many threads asking questions which may assist you.

Good luck!
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Re: Sophia University 2012/10/23 12:31
Ask Sophia directly.
My wife was a student at Sophia. But she had many units from a California state university in USA.
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