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tempura ingredients 2012/10/23 16:21
Hi, I would like to know what's normally the ingredient used in tempura sold in tenya/shop. I know its generally seafood and veggies. How about the oil normally use to fry the tenpura?

Thank you
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Re: tempura ingredients 2012/10/23 19:38
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Re: tempura ingredients 2012/10/24 14:09
I use rice bran oil for high temp. frying tolerance.
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Re: tempura ingredients 2012/10/24 23:38
thanx for the info, really appreciate it.
Is there any tenya shop that sell solely seafood and veggies? is tenpura for other kind of meat exist?
I'm looking for seafood only tenya around tokyo and kyoto. Hope u guys can suggest.
Thanx :)
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Re: tempura ingredients 2012/10/25 15:06
TenYa is a tendon (rice bowl topped with tenpura) chain-store.
I think you want tenpura restaurants?

In general, tenpura contain no meat.
But TenYa sell some untraditional/modern meat-tenpura like chicken, pork and so on.
Even they in general put into no meat.

If you want to try tenpura, TenYa is reasonable and not so bad.
Their stores are everywhere in Tokyo, and they said they have English menu.

shrimp 190yen 96kcal, squid 90yen 80kcal, scallop 120yen 80kcal
sillaginoid 90yen 81kcal and vegetables
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