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Having Face Wash Sent to Japan 2012/10/23 21:13
I was thinking of buying some skin care products from ebay, but ebay tells me this when I try to buy it:

"Certain quantity restrictions and/or licensure requirements may apply to the importation of cosmetics into your country.
Please check applicable regulations for specific import restrictions in your country.
They're for personal use and not for a business or redistribution (about 4-5 different bottles in a set)."

Does anybody know whether I am able to have these sent to Japan?

Similarly, are there some kind of laws regarding importing cologne or hair wax (just a bottle or two for personal use)? Because ebay shows the same message when I try to buy those.
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Re: Having Face Wash Sent to Japan 2012/10/24 13:40
For reference...
I want melatonin to sleep, but I can only buy one little bottle of foreign reasonable one every time.

By Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law called "Yakuji-hou" in Japan,
many ingredients of drugs, pills and so on
are restricted to import.
In this case, you can get from abroad a small quantity only for using up within a month.
If not so, it will be confiscated at customs house.
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Re: Having Face Wash Sent to Japan 2012/10/24 14:55
You can import cosmetics up to 24 pcs/item for 'personal use'.

Information for those who are bringing medicines for personal use into Japan
(Though the title says 'bringing' but it applies to personal import as well.)
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Re: Having Face Wash Sent to Japan 2012/10/24 15:27
Thanks for the replies!
Seems like it should be fine to have them sent here then :)
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