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Shichigosan Tokyo 2012/10/25 03:16
Once again, I'll be in Tokyo on the 17th and 18th and interested in photographing some of the kiddies in kimonos at the shrines. I've been to the Meiji shrine last visit, is there another area that the kids may show up at? Also, is there any etiquette to taking photos of these kids? Last time I approached the parents/kids and asked 'shashin-o toru-ka?' and took photos, saying 'thank you' afterwards. Is this polite enough? Sometimes I added a little bow and walked away. I'm big on showing that I respect their indulgence with my snapping away, so am I doing it the right way? Sometimes, the kids gave me candy. How should I respond? Is bowing to the kids ok?
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Re: Shichigosan Tokyo 2012/10/25 14:14
If you want, "konnichiwa"(hello) at first.

"shashin-o toru-ka?"(do you take pics?) is wrong.
"kawaii desune"(so cute) and "shashin ii-desuka?"(picture OK?) is simple and more better.
"Thank you" is understood, then with slight bow (nod).
To kids, wave your hand.

Of course, 753 is in every shrine in Japan.
But there are especially crowded in large shrine like Meiji-Jingu shrine, Sanno-Hie shrine and so on.

Excuse my poor English.
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Re: Shichigosan Tokyo 2012/10/25 21:20
Wow, I'm terribly embarrassed I was saying it wrong (they must have had quite a laugh when I said it that way). Shashin--ii,desuka? I like that. Thank you!
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