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Bus or rent a car? 2012/10/25 13:16
I'll travel to sapporo on Dec 30 with my husband n 3 kids. Since I'never been there, i need an information and which is better to use train and bus or hire a car. Thank you.
by loloq  

... 2012/10/25 17:10
Where do you plan on going?

In general I would suggest using the trains/subways or buses, especially if you are not experienced in driving in snow. I think even if you are comfortable with driving in snow trains and buses will probably be the better choice but it depends where you wish to go.

Enjoy your trip!
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Re: Bus or rent a car? 2012/10/26 00:19
Solely in Sapporo you can rely on the city efficient subway network.

Otaru is almost always included while visiting Sapporo for it is easily accessible through frequent and direct train connection with Sapporo. Touring Otaru is also easy as it is best done on foot.

While on the subject of public transport in Sapporo, it may be fun to try out the environmental friendly Velotaxi.

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Re: Bus or rent a car? 2012/10/26 09:25
Thank you for the ibformation.I plan to visit sounkyu,lake toya, noboribetsu and otaru.
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Re: Bus or rent a car? 2012/10/26 10:04
Although it would be nice for a self-drive trip with a party of 5, it is NOT advisable doing it during late Dec. There will be snow and worse icy roads especially in Sounkyo and Noboribetsu and without proper winter driving experience it is not worth risking it under unfamiliar road condition in a foreign country. 2 years ago on a self-drive road trip around Christmas time a family from Hong Kong met with a fatal car accident between Sapporo and Niseko and there were 2 deaths including a child.

If you are staying overnight in either Noboribetsu or Toya-ko, there are onsen hotels that provide free shuttle pick-up from Sapporo. For Sounkyo there is direct bus connection with Asahikawa.
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Re: Bus or rent a car? 2012/10/27 09:39
Thank you for the info. .
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