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Are tripods allowed in Kyoto's temple? 2012/10/31 12:03
Hi all,

I am planning to go to Kyoto next month for Koyo. I have seen on several trip reports that some of you are uses to going to the light-up events in the evenning, at Kiyomizudera for example. Could anyone let me know if tripods are allowed for those events please?

Obviously a tripod would be very helpful given the low light, but I am guessing that if everyone were to bring one that would be a problem, so maybe they are just forbidden...

Anyway, many thanks in advance for your help.
by Balbo (guest)  

Re: Are tripods allowed in Kyoto's temple? 2012/11/1 03:28
No, most temples have a no-tripod policy, especially during light-up events. Some even have an explicit no-monopod policy, as well.
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... 2012/11/1 04:48
As mentioned tripods are usually prohibited, with the crowds of people this is very understandable.

However, you may be able to use a Gorillapod (or cheaper equivalent) in certain areas.

Obviously be careful what you attach it to/wrap it around, and be conscious of other visitors.

The normal view during Koyo could be shot this way if you are careful:-

Enjoy your trip!

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Re: Are tripods allowed in Kyoto's temple? 2012/11/1 07:06
Thanks for the answers :)
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