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Konbini question 2012/11/2 12:17
Does anybody know if konbinis sell small bottles of champagne or sparkling wine? I know they sell all sorts of alcoholic beverages from beer to chu-hi and sake to shochu but I've never seen champagne or champagne/wine bottled style alcohol.

Thanks all.
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Re: Konbini question 2012/11/2 13:25
Some do, but its not super common (wine is probably more common than sparking wine). Also note that they are not always sold in bottles, but sometimes in cans and boxes, and may or may not be in the same area as the alcohol.

Also, most any supermarket will have both for sale, so check those out too.
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Re: Konbini question 2012/11/2 14:15
I think maybe from now,
they will sell them during Christmas sales.

Of course, you know you can buy them cheaply and at any sake-shops or some supermarkets throughout the year.
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Re: Konbini question 2012/11/3 21:41
Champagne is sparkling wine from Champagne, France. If you look for a bottle of sparkling wine, you'd probably find it in most conbini if not all.

For a more serious bottle of real Champagne, go to department stores like Takashimaya and Mitsukoshi.

My favorite way of spending a lone night is watching Youtube over a bottle of Tio Pepe and snacks like kawahagi fish. Conbini unfortunately don't sell sherry.

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