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Flea markets nov 11 and 18 2012/11/2 20:06
We will arrive On the 10th and b there thru the 19th.

Always love hitting the Tokyo flea markets as u get to see sights while perusing cool stuff.

The hard part is determining where they will be held. Thanks for ur help in advance.
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Re: Flea markets nov 11 and 18 2012/11/3 00:59
HI, there will be flea market at Kinshichou(ю)in tokyo Nov 11.


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Re: Flea markets nov 11 and 18 2012/11/3 01:06
thank you very much.

Now, i'm trying to understand the google translation of that page. it sounds like a mix of stores and people or is it stores only that will have displays/setups?

it looks huge! Arigato Gozaimasu!!
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Re: Flea markets nov 11 and 18 2012/11/3 02:46
here's some info i found in a prior search:


Tokyo has a number of open flea markets sponsored by various citizen's organizations. One of the most popular is the monthly "jumbo" flea market held at the Jingu Gaien Park, in a large parking lot across from the National Stadium. Sponsored by the All Nippon Recycle Association (ANR). the market is limited to non professionals and used items only - fakes, "brand goods" (Vuitton, Gucci, etc) are not allowed. Mostly its the cleaning out of Tokyo's closets in a one day, once a month event. The Jingu flea market is particularly good in that sellers are allowed to use automobiles, so the variety of items for sale is only limited by the amount that can fit in a car. Its interesting to see the elite of Japan selling their personal items from the trunks of their luxury import automobiles. Up to 600 stalls set up, so its one of the best fleas markets to attend. Treasures can be found!!

There are many other various flea markets, some that allow professionals, and sponsored by a few different recycle organizations. Some flea markets permit allow only walk up sellers (no autos) or are indoors. Each market has its own personality.

In some cases the markets will be closed in case of bad weather, so if its raining there is a good chance the market will be closed for that day. Markets open at 9 or 10 am and go until around 3 or 4 pm. Like most flea markets, many of the best goods sell out early and everything is on sale just prior to closing.

Most of the information on the time and dates of various flea markets are in Japanese.

At the link above is a sample of a few of the more popular flea markets.
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