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Fruits 2012/11/2 23:29
I'll be going to Tokyo more than 1 week later. Can I know what are the fruits of the season? Would I be able to savour the famous Hokkaido melon?

Would it be possible to bring home some of these items? Either to check into boxes, or hand carry..

Thank you!
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Re: Fruits 2012/11/3 01:13
Yubari melons are not selling in winter. Yet you may find some places (fruits shops) who are selling melons. But I don't think they are from Hokkaido. And I wouldn't call them season fruits.

The season furits now are apples and mandarin oranges (mikan, which is a unique kind here). Persimmons can be it as well.

I guess it is possible to take the fruits out but not sure if your home country will allow you to bring them in due to a quarantine issue.
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Re: Fruits 2012/11/3 19:26
Yes, Mikan is just representative winter fruits in Japan.
Kotatsu-mikan http://goo.gl/qALfh
KagamiMochi http://goo.gl/h6SU3 (New Year's decorations)

BTW, SenbikiYa and Takano are the most famous fruits shops in Tokyo.
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Re: Fruits 2012/11/5 00:08
Thank you for the replies!

Can I know if muskmelons are in the season now? I read that there are a few day tours to Yamanashi to pick grapes and apples. Are these common in the stores too?
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Re: Fruits 2012/11/5 20:42
as far as i remeber when you see prices of fruit...you will think twice before buy because it is insanely expensive.
i remember i saw somekind of weird ananas shaped fruit that cost something like 50000yen!!!
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Re: Fruits 2012/11/6 01:07
Yes,indeed! Japanese fruits are so attractive n also way too expensive in my country! Which is why I thought I should get them from Japan instead.. But alas...
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Re: Fruits 2012/11/10 14:33
There may be some very expensive fruits in Japan, but locals eat more affordable ones.

Today I bought Japanese orange (Mikan) and persimmon (Kaki). Six persimmons (1.2 kg) are sold at 380 yen and 12 Japanese orange are 200 yen.

Enjoy Japanese fruits!
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