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100/500/1000 yen shops in Yokohama 2004/9/25 00:55
Can anyone who can tell me where I can find these shops in Yokohama.



Best 100 yen shop in Yokohama 2004/9/28 07:18
I am going to stay in Yokohama to visit Tokyo next spring and have had this 100 yen store recommended to be the best one there. It is near Kannai station, get out at Kannai and walk towards the Isezaki-cho area. you will see a blue/orange sign for a store called "Laox", and above that store and another store next to it called Uniqlo there is a great 100 yen store on the 4th through 6th floor of the building. Isezaki is a pedestrian shopping street w/lots of shopping, store w/English books (Yurindo), Laox (duty free electronics, and Uniqlo (like Gap in the USA). So go there and look for Laox and go to the 4th floor and there you will find three floors of 100 yen stuff.
There is apparently also a good 100 yen store of the "Daiso" chain in th ebasement of the Mitsukoshi Dept. store.
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100 Yen Shops 2005/9/30 03:38
Most of these shops have signs over them saying 100 Yen Shop. There are many,many of these shops all over the place. For example, in Yokosuka, there are five that I can recall, just off the top of my head. There may be more. Just ask any Japanese person for a Hyaku-en Shoppu wa doko desu ka? Or if you are looking for a 1000 Yen Shop (I don't recall going to one of these), then it would be Sen-en Shoppu wa doko desu ka? Remember that the "o" is long not short. More like show-pu but don't stay too long on the "ow!"
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100 yen shop 2007/7/30 11:55
There is a 100 yen shop located on the the 2nd floor of "Tokyu Hands," right by Negishi Train Station.
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