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What to get for my bf's family? 2012/11/4 12:56
Hey guys

I am in a serious relationship with my Japanese boyfriend for over 2 years. I haven't had the chance to meet his mum (over 60), big sister 35, little brother 28, 10 y/o nephew and nice 13.

My boyfriend is going back to Japan to spend time with his family so I like to get them something for Christmas.

I was thinking to get his big sister a towel, soap, candles and other bathing stuff but for rest of them I have no idea what to get and my boyfriend is not a big help as he doesn't much know what they like, so do you have any suggestions?

Pls, help me with this as I don't know how much i should spend each present.
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Re: What to get for my bf's family? 2012/11/4 14:12
Those items are a great idea.
Your choice is the best.

When I visited my GF's family I brought items from my city. A baseball jersey, chocolate, tee-shirts for the kids. A few little odds and ends only sold in my city. They loved it. Many items a hard to get in Japan, so your gift is special to them!!!
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Re: What to get for my bf's family? 2012/11/4 14:20

Thank you for your reply, I live in Australia but I'm going to visit my country where I grew up in Finland so I thought maybe I should bring something from both contries as I know we have heaps of Japanese tourist here!
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